Our platform operates on a USER GENERATED CONTENT System, therefore every single user is strictly responsible for any type of content shared on our platform.

The users will be using their own Youtube Channels or any other type of channels for adding content and the licensing and copyrights issues are entirely their responsibility.

GateLyrics is absolved of any blame regarding the possible conflicts that may occur linked to licensing and copyrights or the rights to use the content distributed by any user.

The current conditions represent a legal agreement between you and GateLyrics regarding your use of the offered Services. It is of utmost importance to make time for reading them carefully.

The Terms and Conditions apply to every user of these Services, including the users that: view content in network, share or contribute with any type of Content, to the development of GateLyrics. By “Content” is meant text, software, scenarios, graphics, photos, sound, music, videos, audiovisual combinations, interactive features and any materials that you can view on the platform, access through this or by which you can contribute to Services.

To use the Services you must previously agree with the Terms and Conditions that apply upon the usage of our platform. You cannot use the Services without agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

You can agree to the Terms and Conditions simply by using the mentioned Services. You understand and confirm that Gatelyrics will consider your use of the Services as an agreement towards the Terms and Conditions, from the very moment you start using the Services.

GateLyrics reserves itself the right to perform regular modifications of the Terms and Conditions, to apply changes made in legislation or regulatory changes or changes of the features provided through the use of Services. Therefore, you must periodically check the Terms and Conditions, to ascertain such modifications that might occur.

As user of Gatelyrics, you can send content through the platform, depending on the content you have available. You must understand that no matter if the content is published or not, Gatelyrics does not guarantee any privacy regarding the content.

You keep all of your property rights regarding the content as the responsibilities regarding licensing and the copyrights of the content.

You understand and you agree that you are the only one responsible for your own Content and for the posting or publishing consequences of the Content. Gatelyrics does not approve any Content or opinion, recommendation or advice expressed in the USER GENERATED CONTENT, expressly denying any and the full responsibility regarding the Content of the user.

You represent and warrant that you own (and keep on owning, during the use of the Services) all the licenses, rights, agreements and the necessary opinions, required to enable Gatelyrics to use your Content in the ways provided through the Services and these Terms. Your content may be taken and shared by any other user of the network, therefore you will have to grant all the users in this situation limited license rights.

You agree that your behavior on the idioms website (as well as the entirety of your Content) will be according to human rights and freedoms and it will not plot and violate any of the human rights and freedoms.

In Gatelyrics policy regarding copyrights, Gatelyrics will stop the access of the user to the Services if it has been proven as a perpetrator of the offenses related to copyrights.

You agree to post or upload no Content that includes materials you have no legal rights to possess in the country you live in, according to the laws of that state or Content which Gatelyrics would be illegal to use or have in possession regarding the providing of Services.

You agree to not share on the platform any Content encompassing any material protected by the copyrights of a third party or materials protected by property rights of a third party (including rights of privacy and publicity), unless you own a license or official permission from the rightful owner or have any other legal right to display the respective material.

In case of referral of any possible violations of these Terms and Conditions, Gatelyrics reserves itself the right (but without any obligation) to decide if the respective Content complies with the content requirements presented in the Terms and Conditions and can remove the Content and/or suspend User access due to content that violates the Terms and Conditions in any moment or state, without prior notice and at its sole discretion.

Furthermore, you understand and confirm that, by using the Services, you can be exposed to Content that is inaccurate, offensive, improper or upsetting in any other way for you. You agree to quit, and by this clause you quit, at any rights or legal or equitable repair you have or you might have against Gatelyrics regarding any such Content.

The Terms and Conditions will still apply until their termination, by you or Gatelyrics, as stated below.

In case you wish to stop the legal agreement between you and Gatelyrics, you can notify this at any time and thus close your Gatelyrics account. Please send the notice, in writing, at the Youtube address indicated on the website.

Gatelyrics can terminate at any time the legal agreement signed with you, if:

  • you have violated any provision of these Terms and Conditions (or acted in a way that shows you don’t intend, or you can’t follow the Terms’ conditions);
  • Gatelyric entity is requested to do so by law (for example, in case the provision of the Services by you is, or becomes illegal);
  • Gatelyrics stops providing Services towards users located in the country where you reside or from which you use the Services);
  • Providing the Gatelyrics Services towards you is not legal anymore.

In case there Terms and Conditions are terminated, all the rights, obligations and responsibilities of legal nature that you have benefited and you have kept, you and Gatelyrics (or which have accrued over time, in the period of validity of these Services) or which will continue indefinitely will not be affected by this termination.

No statement in the Terms and Conditions will affect any of the legal rights you permanently benefit of as a consumer and which you cannot modify and which you cannot quit through agreement.

No conditions, warranties or other terms (including any implied conditions regarding appropriate quality, adaptability for a particular purpose or compliance with description) apply to the Services, unless these are expressly provided in Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions are the entire legal agreement occurred between you and Gatelyrics and govern your use of the Services, completely replacing any prior agreements between you and Gatelyrics regarding the Services.

You agree that Youtube can create and send notifications, including those referring to the modification of the Terms and Conditions by posting in this section.

You agree that, in case Gatelyrics does not exercise and give effect to any legal rights or remedies that are contained in Terms and Conditions (or Gatelyrics benefits of under any applicable law), this will not be interpreted as a formal waiver to its rights and that the rights and remedies will still be available to Gatelyrics.

The Terms and Conditions and your relationship with Gatelyrics in accordance with the Terms and Conditions will be governed by the Romanian law. You are responsible of knowing and respecting any law that comes about the Terms and Conditions (the personal data law and copyright law). Gatelyrics is absolved of any blame in case of your violation of such legal aspects as the ones mentioned above.

The Terms and Conditions and your relationship with Gatelyrics in accordance with the Terms and Conditions will be governed by the Romanian law.